2018 Capo Isetta - Rosé  - 750ml

2018 Capo Isetta - Rosé - 750ml

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100% Lodi

Varieties: 50% Pinot Noir; 22% Cabernet Sauvignon; 15% Zinfandel; 13% Syrah

Alcohol: 12.5%

Cases Produced: 200

Tasting Notes:

In our 2nd venture into Rosé we have continued with a Pinot Noir based blend. On the nose it has the aroma of stone fruit with a hint of fig. It also has notes of watermelon rind, strawberries, tart pomelo fruit, and raspberry brambles. Mineral driven acidity lends a crispness to the mid palate and finish.

Enjoy a glass by itself or with Oysters on the half shell, light Italian Pastas or any Rice based dish! And of course, enjoy with family and friends on a beautiful day. In Vino Rose Veritas!